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Debbie Weinmann is a ceramic artist living and working from her studio in Prahran, Victoria.

Already having a professional background in Occupational Therapy she went on to graduate from Holmesglen TAFE in 2014 with a Diploma in Ceramics. 

Debbie expresses the sense of grounding she feels when working with clay and the pure enjoyment of making, feeling there is nothing more satisfying than to create. 

For Debbie it is important to create forms of communication that speak while fitting into contemporary living. 


Often working in series or groupings she explores the relationships of  these forms when they are placed together, creating small families and a sense of belonging. Her handmade pieces lean towards decorative or functional and can easily be transitioned between both.


The objects she most enjoys making are the ones that beg to live outside the cupboard as

objects for display.


They are ceramics that can be touched and contemplated and are intended to be visually engaging sitting comfortably amongst existing interiors. 

Her pieces speak of connections to modern lifestyle and are for people who love beautiful

things in their lives.

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